Nyuta Federmesser is a Russian activist and philanthropist. She initiated the adoption of legislation on palliative care in Russia and facilitated the creation of a reliable system of home- and hospital-based palliative care in Moscow. She leads on lobbying to make analgesic medications available to terminally ill patients in Russia and for legislative changes to protect the rights of incurably ill patients.

In 2006, Nyuta founded the VERA Hospice Charity Fund, the first Russian charity supporting hospices and their patients. Currently it helps over 70 hospices in Moscow and other regions of Russia, as well as providing support to families with incurably ill children. Nyuta was active in the establishment of The Lighthouse – the first hospice for children in Moscow.

Nyuta is passionate about changing perceptions around death and dying and is involved in outreach efforts to inform Russian society on the goals and mission of palliative and hospice care.
Nyuta Federmesser
Dr Robert Twycross is one of the pioneers of modern hospice and palliative medicine. In the early 1970s he worked with Cicely Saunders at St Christopher's Hospice in London and conducted several Controlled Trials of morphine and other strong opioids in cancer pain management. In 1976 he was appointed Consultant in Palliative Medicine at Sir Michael Sobell House, Churchill Hospital, Oxford; and from 1988–2001 was Clinical Reader (Associate Professor) in Palliative Medicine, Oxford University.

From 1988–2005 Robert was Head of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Palliative Care. He has taught in over 40 countries, has written numerous articles, and is co-author of several widely acclaimed textbooks, notably Palliative Care Formulary (6th edition 2017) and Introducing Palliative Care (6th edition 2021).
Robert Twycross
Dmitry Yampolskiy is a lawyer, media manager, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a member of the Moscow Chamber of Advocates and co-owner of the Moscow-based law firm AMG Partners.

Dmitry is Chairman of the Board at VERA Hospice Charity Foundation, the largest palliative care charitable foundation in Russia. He also co-founded the Friends Foundation, which helps Russian charities become stable and independent organisations.

Among Dmitry's business interests in the UK, he created VisitHealth company which provides same day medical care and co-founded the Russian-themed Zima restaurant.
Dmitry Yampolskiy